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Svalbard tour operators vessels

As a Svalbard tour operators Arctic Wildlife Tours AS use several different expedition vessels. They are similar in many ways but some differences will be obvious. All the vessels are made for use in ice and can handle the amounts of ice we sometimes experience in Svalbard. Some of the vessels are more extreme than others. Some vessels will have more comfortable cabins and facilities, others will have the charm of an older ship and less comfort, but still for some customers be the best choice. No matter what, the main purpose with using any of our ships is to give the customer a great experience from the High Arctic around Svalbard. We are one of the most experienced Svalbard tour operators in this category.

greenland micro cruise

MV Balto

Greenland micro cruis onboard M/V Balto Balto is probably the roomiest and most elegant small polar expedition yacht out there. It is also one of the the sturdiest, a former Finish government ice breaker. Build…

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nansen polar charter

MS Villa

MS Villa was built-to-order for the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Prior to February 2019, her mission was to service lighthouses and buoys along the rough Norwegian coast. Rugged yet luxurious, MS Villa is the perfect blend…

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MV Kinfish

  Svalbard expedition ship M/V Kinfish Built in 1958, the M/V Kinfish has recently been transformed from a Norwegian research vessel to a classic passenger ship, ready to explore the icy waters of the Spitsbergen…

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ms polarstar

MS Polarstar

Svalbard expedition ship MS Polarstar MS Polarstar was built in 1948 for Seal hunting purpose in the ice of east Greenland. After the seal hunting periode that was finished back in the 1980´s the ship…

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Svalbard expedition MS Freya

MS Freya

Svalbard expedition ship MS Freya MS Freya is a very suitable ship to use in the drifting ice. Its stronger engine with 1360 hp and ice strengthened hull she is one of the best ships to use…

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Malmö, Malmø, Svalbard

MS Malmö

Svalbard expedition ship MS Malmö This ship has a lovely patina and has been listed as a traditional ship of cultural value since 2004. During 2013/14 she was gently refurbished to retain her original charm. New…

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