The Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic

Canadian Arctic wildlife adventures

Far north at remote locations, beyond the Canadian mainland, you will find the Arctic Archipelago of Canada, home to the northernmost point of the North American continent. This vast area in the Canadian Arctic, with its diverse landscapes consists of 94 major islands greater than 130 km2, not to mention the many thousands of minor islands. Together they form the world's largest High Arctic land area, apart from Greenland.

Arctic Wildlife Tours has started to work at the remote destinations of Arctic Canada. We want to offer very exclusive trips and close encounters with wildlife under safe circumstances. The tours will be few at each location due to short seasons and remote. We are bringing our knowledge about arctic wildlife from Svalbard to Canada and we also has local guides and Canadian wildlife experts on our team.

The Canadian Arctic is a land of enchantment and isolation, with its vast wilderness of lakes and forests. It encompasses tundra, ice-covered regions and fjords along its varied coastline. Most islands are largely empty, except from some isolated settlements.

By visiting this region, you can encounter diverse wildlife such as polar bears, gray wolves, caribou, muskoxen, Arctic wolves, foxes, arctic hares, narwhals and bowhead whales. Furthermore, you can find seals, walruses and many thousands of seabirds on nesting cliffs along the coastlines.

Join us on one of our exclusive photo expedition to explore the true Arctic and discover the essence of the Canadian Arctic.

Walk with polar bears and other wildlife: Join our exclusive photo expeditions to discover and capture the essence of the Canadian Arctic.

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