Arctic fox

Arctic fox photography and encounters

Arctic Fox photography is something we regularly have the chance to do during our expeditions, depending oin the time of the year and conditions. We always scout for them and regularly we do have them close to us.

In winter the Arctic fox is totally white, only a few exceptions in a different morph, named “blue fox”. In summer the “blue fox” still is blue, while the regular Arctic fox will be gray. Arctic fox photography is something we get to do regularly on our expeditions. It depends on the time of the year and where we go but arctic foxes are around everywhere on Svalbard.

The Arctic fox has a short snout, short rounded ears and a body size smaller than its close relative the red fox (that does not exist in Svalbard). It is about 60 cm long and has a tail that is approximately 30 cm long in addition. Arctic foxes weigh 2.5–5 kg. They moult twice each year.

The winter fur is thick with dense under-fur and long guard hairs. The shedding of the winter fur starts in May and the short summer fur is in place in July. In September the winter fur starts growing, and by November-December the winter coat is complete.

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Arctic fox kits playing outside a den in late June

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