Experience 5 out of 8 High Arctic seasons with us

Embarking on an Arctic adventure is a journey through time, where nature unveils its secrets across an ever-changing canvas of seasons. Brace yourself for a sensory feast as you experience up to 5 out of the 8 unique seasons of the High Arctic landscapes, each offering a distinct charm and spectacle.

The first season of the year is the Early season from April to June, where you can experience the departure of ice. Next comes the Peak season from May to July when you can feast your eyes upon the ever-rising midnight sun. In the Main season from June to August is the Midsummer harvest where remote areas become more accessible. Then comes the Autumn season from August to September with its magnificent colors and light. Finally comes the frosty white Winter season from September to October where you can witness the first snow covering the pristine nature, preparing it for the cold and dark months to come.

arctic photography expedition
MS Virgo at 82 degree north in the drifting sea ice north of Svalbard