The ever-rising midnight sun

Arctic peak season – Welcoming the Arctic Summer with its ever-rising Midnight sun

The Arctic peak season and summer in June and up to mid-July, is the peak season for our expeditions. This period is what we consider as the best time to see most of the Wildlife in numerous amounts and still with ice and snow precent. The ice is melting rapidly and more remote areas suddenly becomes more accessible, which makes us able to reach some of those locations.

The enhanced accessibility to remote areas, the heightened wildlife activity, the dynamic landscapes, and the pleasantly moderate temperatures collectively offer an immersive and visually rewarding experience. This combination provides photographers with unique perspectives and opportunities, making it an ideal time to visit the Arctic region and encapsulate its essence.

At this time of the year it still can be quit large amounts of drift ice, it could also be years with less ice. It's difficult to predict. We need the ice to find good situations with the wildlife, either if it is migrating polar bears following the melting ice and their hunting grounds, or if it is birdlife migrating to their nesting places. The ice means life on Svalbard and give the wildlife and us opportunities. This is maybe the most fascinating experience by visiting these areas.

Noe year is similar as the previous one and it's always surprises, sometimes for the good and other times for the bad. In total it is good. We, the travelers, need to accept it as it is and take in the huge amount of experiences this time of the year give us.

arctic peak season
arctic peak season

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