Discover the destination of your Arctic photography expedition

Since 2010, we have been leading Arctic photography expeditions and helped explorers safely through the icy waters of the Arctic. For over a decade, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard has been our main destination. In the recent years we have also added Greenland and Canada to the list of stunning destinations for our exclusive Arctic photography expeditions.

When we say exclusive, we are not hinting of luxurious comfort or gourmet meals. We are alluding to the limited capacity of our small vessels, giving you as one of only 12 passengers the opportunity to experience real closeness to nature while ensuring light footprints as we approach the vulnerable Arctic nature. In fact, closeness to nature is more than a slogan to us – it's a philosophy that permeates every step of our journey.

Our knowledgeable guides are skilled photographers with vast experience as expedition leaders for Arctic photography expedition. Let them introduce you to our way of honoring and respecting the Arctic wildlife by using it as a canvas for humanity to reconnect with nature and relearn about our precious wild animals, birds and the biodiversity that we as humans are also a part of.


arctic photography expedition