The departure of the ice

Arctic early season – Embracing the Arctic Spring and the departure of ice and snow

The Arctic early season - spring - begins late April and continues throughout May and into the beginning of June. This is the early season for our expeditions. When the ice begins to thaw, the frozen fjords open their passages once again, granting access to areas that remain unreachable from sea throughout the Winter.

As the colours transition from pristine winter white to revealing more of the rugged dark and grey landscape beneath the snow, the midnight sun enters the Arctic Scene, providing 24 hours of daylight. During the nights the sun will be low on the sky, providing a magnificent light for photography. When clouds appear in this scenery, they contribute to the most spectacular patterns and make you want to stay up all night in order to capture these beautiful mosaics of the sky with your camera.

The wildlife increases its activity and migrating birds arrives from south. Soon they reach their nesting places to take advantage of the short but very life giving Arctic season for breeding. The amount of daylight makes the Arctic a preferred breeding area for many species. Polar bears roam, seals show up with their young pups and so do walruses. Even some of the big whales can show up in the Arctic early season.

arctic early season
arctic early season

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