The Midsummer harvest

Arctic main season – Celebrating the Arctic Midsummer

The pinnacle of Arctic Summer, spanning from mid-July to mid-August, marks the main season for our expeditions. This period, with its mild climate, offers optimal conditions for extended outdoor activities and photography, making it the prime time to witness wildlife, including polar bears. The increased wildlife activity during this season provides abundant opportunities for capturing mesmerizing wildlife photography. We take advantage of this by making landings to observe Walrus colonies up close, providing an unforgettable experience.

The substantial reduction in sea ice during this period facilitates better navigation, granting accessibility to fjords and glacial areas. This unlocks opportunities to capture breathtaking scenes of open water against towering glaciers and the rugged Arctic landscape. The calmer waters during this season often produce mirror-like reflections, amplifying the visual impact of the Arctic scenery and offering excellent opportunities to capture reflections in your photographs.

Some places deep into some of the fjords or up in the drift ice we still find ice floes with meltwater ponds reflecting passing wildlife or patterns on the sky. For a wildlife photographer this is great opportunities for som great experiences and wildlife encounters.

arctic main season
arctic wildlife safari