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Arctic adventures with experienced guides


Svein Wik

Founder of Arctic Wildlife Tours, Norwegian Photographer Svein Wik has organised expeditions to Svalbard for five years. In 2019 his company will make ten expeditions to the unique Arctic archipelago. In addition to leading tour groups, he also makes his own private trips to work on his own photography projects.

Svein started wildlife photography 25 years ago and has spent more time with wildlife in the north than most people could ever dream of.

Arctic adventures and encounters with polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes and other animals in Svalbard have given him unique experiences, which he is only too happy to share with you. Having worked for many years photographing brown bears, wolves, wolverines and other Scandinavian creatures, Svein is one of the best-known wildlife photographers in Norway.

Together with his photography knowledge, Svein has loved to hike and spend time outdoors since he learned to walk 54 years ago. He was a hunter and a competitive rifle shooter for many years. These skills give him the confidence to handle the risk from polar bears in Svalbard, not because he knows how to shoot, but because he knows how not to shoot a polar bear, and instead scare it away to avoid conflicts.

Svein has published three books and countless articles about wildlife and nature throughout the years.

Phone: (+47) 958 97 730
E-mail: [email protected]

Photo Guide and partner

Tom Roger Østerås

Tom Roger is one of the best birders in Norway. He work as a freelance biologist and ornitolog and do work for different scientistic organizations and nature management projects. Locally he is known for his ability to take care of injured raptors and owls and bring them back into the wild. He is also a teacher in a university class for bird knowledge. Tom Roger is responsible for Goshawk and Golden Eagle hides. He will constantly work to find other possible and interesting birding sites for photography.

Phone: (+47) 415 58 612
E-mail: [email protected]


Jens Wikström

Jens is born in 1990 in Göteborg, Sweden. He was educated in Sweden, at Skärehamn “seaman” university. Since an early age he have been travelling the world and have, despite my young age, been fortunate to visit plenty of exciting places around the globe.

Arctic adventures is a part of Jens life and he have worked in the Polar Regions since 2011 first as AB/Guide and then as a full time guide since 2014. Passion about wildlife photography and travel have also been a birdwatcher since childhood. He have worked all over the Arctic not only Svalbard but also Greenland and The Canadian Arctic as well as 2 season in the Antarctic.



Audun Rikardsen

Audun is a product of the 1968 generation and he lives in Tromsø, Northern Norway. He is originally from Steigen in Nordland. Audun work as a full time Professor in freshwater and marine biology at the Universiy of Tromsø. Scientific Advisor at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Professional Nature photographer since 2012

Interests: Photography, skiing, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing, traveling (and more). Audun is known for is great creativity in photography and field work.

Official Canon Nordic Photographer, Ambassador for Stavanger foto, and member of Norske Naturfotografer (Norwegian Nature Photographers). During the last years Audun have won and had several highly commended pictures in the worlds most renowned photography contests. His images are widely published.

audun rikardsen

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