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arctic photo expeditions

Photographer Ömer Acar on photographing polar bears and swimming in polar water

By Svein Wik | 8. November 2022

With a love for spending time in nature, and wanting to photograph wildlife in the arctic circles, Ömer Acar booked a trip to exotic Svalbard through Arctic Wildlife Tours AS. In the spring of 2022 the…

Arctic Canada photo tours

Churchill Accommodation

By Svein Wik | 16. February 2022

Churchill Bear`s Den Accommodation Given the demand for beds in Churchill during polar bear season we feel fortunate to have an exclusive arrangement with Bear’s Den B&B and so your group would fill completely one…

Svalbard photo tour


By Smart Media AS | 2. February 2021

Walruses is species we see more and more in Svalbard. Every individual represent a great encounter with a personality. The populations are growing after being almost exterminated back in the 1960`s. There are two populations…

svalbard polar bears

Svalbard polar bears and garbage

By Svein Wik | 28. April 2020

Svalbard polar bears During our expeditions on Svalbard we have seen Svalbard Polar Bears eating plastic, playing with plastic and being affected by garbage several times. Even on Svalbard, which is an outpost in the…

svalbard seasons

Svalbard Seasons

By Svein Wik | 14. April 2020

Svalbard seasons timing We are often asked the questions, “ When should I go to Svalbard? ” and “ When is the best time up there?”. Depending on exactly what the person would like to…

ms polarstar

MS Polarstar

By Svein Wik | 4. October 2018

Svalbard expedition ship MS Polarstar MS Polarstar was built in 1948 for Seal hunting purpose in the ice of east Greenland. After the seal hunting periode that was finished back in the 1980´s the ship…

arctic expeditions

Svalbard Photography Expedition Summer June 2018

By Svein Wik | 20. July 2018

Arctic Expedition June 2018 Aboard MS Freya we was lucky to explore the waters of Svalbard once again. After over 40 expeditions in the Svalbard area and some thorough examination of the ice maps our…

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Svalbard Photography Expedition Early Summer May 2018

By Svein Wik | 2. June 2018

Svalbard wildlife photography expedition in May 2018 Once again Arctic Wildlife Tours could bring the Norwegian photographer Audun Rikardsen as one of the photo guides hosting our spring Svalbard expedition onboard the expedition ship MS…

arctic expedition

Svalbard Photography Expedition Early Summer April 2018

By Svein Wik | 21. May 2018

Arctic Expedition April 2018 This year we decided to do an expedition while we still had some of the winter light conditions. In late April, the sun is still low on the sky, which meant…

svalbard winter expedition

Svalbard Snowmobile Expedition 2018

By Svein Wik | 15. February 2018

Svalbard photographic adventures Svalbard winter expedition logistics Driving by snowmobile in the Svalbard wilderness is and adventure. Its also a challenging task because of changing weather, cold and Polar Bear danger. Camping out in tents…