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Discover a unique and intimate experience of true closeness to the pristine Arctic nature and its mesmerizing wildlife as we travel by small vessels with room for maximum 12 passengers.

Learn through respectfully connecting with – and capturing the essence of – this remote and fragile region, safely guided by our knowledgeable team of Arctic specialists.

Encounter the wildlife of the High Arctic

Meet our expert guides – your Arctic specialists

We are Arctic specialists, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skill to every expedition. Drawing from over a decade of experience in meticulously planning and executing Arctic expeditions, we ensure that every aspect, every moment, is not only enriching for you but also safe for the wildlife in the regions we explore together. As esteemed nature photographers, we are also dedicated to helping you capture the most memorable testimonies from your journey on camera

What truly unifies us at Arctic Wildlife Tours is our profound love and respect for Arctic nature and wildlife, coupled with an unwavering commitment to safeguarding this rugged yet fragile region for the generations to come.

Arctic Expeditions - explorer testimonies

Just arrived back from an amazing, floating, 'Stefano Unterthiner Photo Tour' to Svalbard with Arctic Wildlife Tours. The MS Malmo proved to be a great way to travel. Svein, Jeanette and the rest of the crew and AWT guides worked exceptionally hard to find us some incredible wildlife sightings (polar bear; walrus; arctic fox etc. etc) and give us the best opportunity to take photographs with loads of space for the small group of guests. We were kept safe and well- briefed and, most importantly, they demonstrated a professional respect for the wildlife, ensuring we always kept a sensible distance and avoided doing anything that would impose unnecessary stress on these creatures. I would happily recommend AWT to anyone wanting to visit Svalbard. Truly a trip of a lifetime and one I hope to repeat soon!

- John Birch

My trip around Svalbard with Arctic Wildlife Tours was packed with unforgettable memories, a real respect for the nature we encountered and hearty laughs with the AWT team. Sailing on a smaller ship like MS Origo meant we had a fine crew and the flexibility to get out on zodiacs multiple times a day - whenever something exciting was spotted! The team did a great job of finding opportunities to take the best photos without disturbing the wildlife. The only problem I have now is planning my next trip with them!

- Marc Parnell

What a great trip!!! I respect Arctic Wildlife Tours so much. The way they honor the life patterns all of the species we were able to see was impressive.  Great leadership and knowledge of animal territories and boundaries so we were able to see them in their natural habitats without invading their natural routines. It was an excellent photographic, culinary and travel experience.

- Deirdre Corcoran Foote

Take a peek at our expedition vessels

We are chartering several 12 pax v vessels at the time being. Our main focus is to find ships with the qualities for sailing in ice and have the flexibility we need for our expeditions. We also focus on mainly using ships suited for micro cruises.

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