Enter the kingdom of Svalbard polar bears


Renowned as the domain of more Polar Bears than people, Svalbard stands as the ultimate Arctic destination for many photographers. Our exclusive small ship charters venture further north into this Polar Bear kingdom, allowing you to explore, photograph, and immerse yourself in the Arctic's untouched wilderness. Glide through icy waters on our small Zodiac boats, making landfall for wildlife encounters or cruising amidst the stunning landscapes.

On our intimate expeditions, aboard vessels specifically designed for Arctic wildlife sightings. Observe colonies of Walrus hauling themselves up onto the shore or basking in the midnight sun, and sail past towering cliffs populated by colossal seabird colonies. Along with Polar Bears, Walruses and a myriad of birdlife, you can also find seals and the enchanting Arctic Fox who has adapted to this harsh climate by changing its fur from brown to white with the seasons. Our commitment to a more personal experience limits our trips to just 12 passengers, ensuring every encounter is intimate and every moment unforgettable.

Explore the true Arctic with us: Join our exclusive photo expeditions to discover and capture the essence of Svalbard.

Svalbard 2022.
Svalbard autumn ice

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