MV Kinfish

Svalbard expedition ship M/V Kinfish

Built in 1958, the M/V Kinfish has recently been transformed from a Norwegian research vessel to a classic passenger ship, ready to explore the icy waters of the Spitsbergen archipelago. The bridge has been fitted out with advanced safety equipment, allowing the M/V Kinfish to safely navigate the calm Svalbard waters. With room on board for just 12 passengers, the ship has an intimate atmosphere, and her small size allows her to access some of the smaller fjords and coves along the coastline.

M/V Kinfish is fresh to Svalbard with comfy cabins, multiple relaxing/communal areas and some great viewing decks, the Kinfish really is a great little ship. A maximum of 12 clients makes any expedition aboard the Kinfish an intimate one, but with enough space to find your own corner if required. A huge bridge – open 24 hours a day – means there is plenty of room for everyone to be up there at the same time, either chatting to the Captain, spotting for bears, or watching the ship calve through the ice as you venture into the frozen realms of the north. With stabilisers (few other ships of this size have these!) and state-of-the-art positioning technology, the Kinfish provides both the flexibility for exploration and the versatility to access where few others can.

Kinfish - deck plan