Peak wildlife expedition

Arctic wildlife expedition June 02 - 10 2024

Svalbard Peak season Expedition

Join us in peak season early june onboard the ms freya

Nature in the High Arctic constantly changes. On Svalbard, every day is different, and every year is different. Arctic Wildlife Tours guides leads this expedition to Svalbard, a remote area we know and love. That’s important, because this is a land where your guides must know how to handle the constantly-changing weather conditions, drift ice, and wildlife on the move 24 hours a day.

Polar bears and diverse birdlife are on the move and so it’s easier to see Svalbard wildlife at this time of year. Migrating birdlife activity is at its best at this time of the year. We will find lots of wildlife on ice and we plan to go as far northeast as possible and search in the drift ice for wildlife. In addition we has good areas with fjord ice, which is hunting ground for polar bears and resting places for seals and walruses.

Experience wildlife encounters in picture-perfect icy conditions by joining our Svalbard travel photography expedition in early summer season. This small ship charter trip navigates through the Svalbard wilderness and icy waters of the High Arctic on board the expedition ship MS Freya. Exclusively tour with maximum 12 guests onboard the spacious and modern ship MS Freya.

Wondering what to expect? Please get in touch for more information and to talk about what you can expect.


Dates: 02. Jun 2024 - 10. Jun 2024

Duration: 8 nights/ 9 days

Embark: Longyearbyen, June 02 16:00
Disembark: Longyearbyen, June 10 09:00


Twin suite, private facilities, 0 spots
EUR 9 900  pr. pax

Single suite, private facilities, 0 spots
EUR 9 900  pr. pax

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Practical information

arctic summer expedition

Why we prefer Svalbard

Dramatic landscapes

In July the snow covered mountains have been replaces by only stripes of old snow in the landscapes and black and grey in between. The landscapes are still dramatic, depending on where in Svalbard you travel. At the north east corner of Spitsbergen we can watch very dramatic and alpine landscapes.

Polar Bear viewings

After our opinion this is the best place in the world to find and experience Polar Bears. In early June its still lots of ice and snow, which make this time of the year to a good time for seeing polar bears and other marine wildlife.

Other wildlife

Polar Bears of course, Walruses resting on ice or on land, Minky Whales playing around the ship, Bearded Seals and birdlife at its best; Blue Whales and Bowhead Whales can be seen some places. We are talking about July. At this time of the year there is an unbelievable amount of wildlife to encounter during an adventure around Svalbard.

Svalbard and the seasons

Often referred to by the name of its largest island, Spitsbergen, Svalbard forms part of Norway and, with just 2000 inhabitants, has a very small population. Compared to this the Svalbard population of Polar Bears is 3000 animals. The main cause of this is the harsh weather conditions - in the winter months, thick ice and snow carpets the archipelago. Spitsbergen were discovered by explorer Willem Barentzs in 1596, whilst finding a route to the Far East.

The best time to see polar bears in Svalbard is usually in the summer months, as the ice encompassing the archipelago melts enough for us to navigate the icy waters. At this time, the midnight sun reigns over the dramatic landscapes, casting an ever-glowing, ambient light on the surroundings. In autumn, when the midnight sun is replaced by some fascinating sunsets, the red colors from the sunlight shining through the atmosphere bring back some stunning light situations throughout the Svalbard nature before the polar night covers everything in darkness.

Travel route


Svalbard is situated at about 80 degrees north, so we schedule the expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. The map on this page shows the estimated route for this expedition. It might change according to ice situation and weather but this route will be possible to do in July. Sometimes we can reach almost 83 degrees north this time of the year. We will spend most of the time searching for Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales, Seals and some of the birdlife we will find in these areas.
We will also visit some interesting places on the islands of Svalbard and we may do some landings for Walruses or other wildlife.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day and night in advance.

Day 1 Departure from Longyearbyen throughout Isfjorden. Heading north to the drifting ice.

Day 2-8 Looking for wildlife around the Svalbard islands. Depending on the ice conditions and weather we will choose the route for this Svalbard photo expedition. It will be varying from year to year and the ice conditions is the most important consideration we do before deciding where to go. our goal is to visit some of the many fjords which is covered by ice still and also sail into the drift ice and search for wildlife there.

The route illustrated in the map on this page is just a estimate for where we will sail. It could be changed depending on the ice conditions. Maybe we have to sail much further to the north to reach the ice.

Day 9 Leaving the ship after breakfast and prepare the travel home.

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