Photographer Ömer Acar on photographing polar bears and swimming in polar water

With a love for spending time in nature, and wanting to photograph wildlife in the arctic circles, Ömer Acar booked a trip to exotic Svalbard through Arctic Wildlife Tours AS.

In the spring of 2022 the world slowly started to wake up again and feeling the need for fresh air and new scenery. Ömer Acar, an experienced world traveler from Finland, chose to set a course with Arctic Wildlife Tours for Svalbard visiting the unique northern scenery with raw, wild nature.

photographer omer acar
Polar bear on Svalbard. Photo by Ömer Acar

Ömer’s best experience

With a big interest in predator mammals, bears and wolves, Ömar went to Svalbard on his own on several occasions to experience the beautiful wildlife of the “Norwegian pearl”. Traveling alone he found it hard to navigate in the arctic landscape, meaning he did not get the chance to see polar bears. He decided to get in touch with Svein and book a guided tour with a small crew. After spending 6 days at sea they finally got to see the arctic bear up close. Having photographed wildlife for over 15 years, this was an unbelievable experience for

Ömar - it made the entire trip worth it!

Although seeing a polar bear is not guaranteed on the trips, the wildlife in Svalbard is also about so much more. Together with your group you get to experience Seals, Walruses, Arctic Foxes and a diversity of birdlife up close, wildlife you won’t find anywhere else.

Ömer adds: - It’s not only about photography, but there are a lot of other things to experience too, such as ice swimming in the Arctic and meeting new people. Get the most of it - not just the pictures in your memory card.

Practical advice for guided tours

Throughout his visits to Svalbard Ömar noted different practical advice for people attending the guided tours:

  • During the trip you live in expedition vessels which vary in comfort and temperature.

Therefore you should ask which vessels you’ll live in and the grade of comfort before packing your bags.

  • The tours are hosted in different seasons, so do your research in terms of weather conditions.
  • If you are a photographer booking a trip with Arctic Wildlife Ömar recommends not only bringing your biggest tele lens, but a variety of sizes.

Closer to nature and likeminded people

Arctic Wildlife Tours hosts guided expeditions where you travel on small and intimate ships well suited for discovery of polar bears, seals, walruses and other arctic animals. The tours consist of small groups with the focus on bringing you closer to nature. In addition to experiencing the unique nature, groups of likeminded people make the trip a way of connecting with people having the same interests as you.

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