Winter logistics

The Svalbard cabin in Van Mijen fjorden has space for maybe 10 persons. Its situated at at beautiful place surrounded by mountains. It is good possibilities to photograph from outside the cabin. Here Polar Bears visits the cabin regularly. Several Polar Bears have broke into the cabin when no people was there. They smell the food. Some winters this part of Svalbard is a good place for finding wildlife.

Security have high priority on our winter expeditions. Weather, fjord ice, driving snowmobiles and being in Polar Bear land is things we need to think about all the time. We are well equipped with safety equipment and communication with rescue teams if something should happen.

We never do groups bigger than 6 persons during winter expeditions.

svalbard winter expedition
svalbard winter expedition

Because of the regulations in Svalbard and long distances to reach the best areas for wildlife we sometimes choose to put up a tent camp out in the wilderness. We bring a parafin fueled oven to keep warm in the tent and use warm sleeping bags. During night we do shifts to watch for Polar Bears coming close to the camp. This sounds a bit scary but I can assure you that it is one of the best experiences you can have. Constantly changing light during night and the Arctic silence is something you never forget.

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