Arctic Canada photo tour

July 25 - August 01 2025

Polar Bears in Fireweed

Walking with polar bears in fireweed - another adventure

Together with Martin Gregus and other partners in Arctic Canada Arctic Wildlife Tours are now working on new destinations to this region of the Arctic. From before our guides has years of experience from polar bears in the Archipelago of Svalbard and now we are bringing our knowledge about this to Arctic Canada. For this particular trip we will be accommodated at a remote lodge and fly out of Churchill to reach the final destination. All transportation and flights are included from Winnipeg.

The lodge is situated in the wilderness close to the shorelines of Hudson Bay. We will stay onboard floating barges for accommodation and for safety from polar bears. The barges will be anchored by some remote outpost islands in Hudson Bay for this adventure. We will experience the wildlife in eye level on ground and walk with polar bears on the tundra. We walk along the polar bear trails there to not destroy any vegetation on the islands. We bring bear guards for safety reasons. By experience its no issues with any aggressive polar bears. 

Many polar bears spend the summer in these areas. They hunt beluga whales nearby and this is something we want to try to see during this stay. We will have access to those areas by boat. When hiking the islands we expect to see polar bears and photograph them among the blooming fireweed at eye level. We can bring tripods and we are able to spend time with the wildlife there. During nights we can photograph northern light from the roof of the barges we are accommodated. We do not go on land during night due to less control over all the polar bears in the area. We also expect to see other wildlife like gray wolves, arctic hares and foxes at the same locations. 

The tour includes air travels to Churchill and to a remote location out in the field near Hudson bay. Accommodation, transportation, all meals, guiding and workshop for wildlife photography is included.

Send us an email for setting up a meeting or for further information. This tour is rare and we will assist you personally with more information about this Canadian Arctic adventure. Email us on [email protected]


Dates: July 25 - August 01 2025

Duration: 7 days

Price: Inquire for prices

Arrival: Winnipeg, Next day to Churchill

Departure: From Churchill back to Winnipeg


Maximum participants: 6 in our group

Includes air travel from Winnipeg to Churchill and from Churchill to a remote outpost out in the Canadian wilderness. All food, transportation, guiding and polar bear safety guards during the tour is included.

Arctic Canada Summer

July and August is summer in the Arctic. The fireweed is in bloom and the Arctic wildlife is waiting for next winter when they can get back out on the ice floes to hunt. It is lazy times for the bears, even if they can hunt some wildlife like belugas at this time of the year.

Adventure activities are in full swing and some spectacular moments with wildlife awaits us to be there and take part in it. The summer season brings marvelous opportunities for encountering the "King of the Arctic", the Polar Bear. In settings and surroundings you only have dreamt about.

Estimated activity during this photo tour



Day 1 - Flight from Winnipeg to Churchill. Flight out to the outpost.
Day 2 - 6 All day on the tundra hiking and being close to wildlife.
Day 7 - Flight back to Churchill and then back to Winnipeg.

We will experience Polar Bears and maybe other wildlife during the fireweed blooming time, for spectacular photos. Pristine northern skies provide aurora viewing opportunities to round out the adventure. Your adventure includes all air and ground transfers between Winnipeg and the outpost and your accommodations. This is not with crowds of other people nearby but only a small group of 6 people plus 3-4 guides.


  • Daily, guided hikes across the tundra to view polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, up-close-and-personal, in their natural habitat.
  • The geographical location beneath the Aurora Oval offers the opportunities to enjoy the greatest light show on earth from within the lodge or out in our secure compound.
  • Educational evening presentations by our lodge managers or naturalist guides about the Arctic ecosystems.
  • Sunrises, sunsets and blue hour - our photo safari give you ample opportunity to photograph the wildlife and landscapes of the Canadian Arctic coast during the best light.


Churchill Map

Other pictures from Churchill

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