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Photograph the Golden Eagles and Siberian Jays from comfortable photo hides.

Arctic Wildlife Tours offer professional Golden Eagle photography hides in Norway mountains. Stay in an exclusive and old fashion cabin during the nights and spend your days in the professional hides close by. The Red Cabin is authentic like it was when it was built in 1908 and used as a trapper and hunting cabin for many years. Today we use it for wildlife photographers and birders that want to share some time together with the territorial pair of Golden Eagles in the area.

We have worked with these eagles for many years now and they are not shy like many Golden eagles can be. This pair is fairly tolerant to what we do in the hides and for remote controlled cameras in all sorts of variants. We use more and more set-ups where we can have a pretty fair chance to photograph something different because of the closeness to the eagle.

Other species you can see from the same hide is among other birdlife Siberian Jays and Grey-headed Woodpecker.

Because of logistics with snowmobile transportation and work preparing accommodation we offer new package prices from next season.

Price pr. day in the hides:    NOK   2 300,- (NOW 15% Discount)
Accommodation in cabin:    NOK     500,-

Transportation by snowmobile is included.
Because of logistics with transportation by snowmobile
we strongly recommend a stay over two days and nights.
This will give the best photographic result.

2 persons or more: 10% off on the total price
Maximum 4 persons accommodation in the Red cabin.

Please ask us for package prices for bigger groups. We are able to provide accommodation at at nice motel and transport the groups into the hides and bring them back in the afternoon.

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Travel Route


The hides is located only 30 minutes driving by car from the Trondheim Airport in Norway. If you have chosen accommodation in our Red Cabin nearby the hides up in the mountains we will drive you there after your arrival at the airport.

The last distance we need to do by using snowmobiles. It takes 15 minutes with driving before we arrive the Red Cabin.



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If you have any questions or are wondering about something,
please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.
We might be traveling some but will answer as fast as possible.


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Closest Airport: Kajaani Airport, Finland
Transportation from/to Airport: Ask us
Registration: Send in your reservation on the booking page

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December 10, 2020.


19:00 CET (Oslo/Paris), 13:00 EST (New York) 10:00 PST (Seattle), 18:00 UTC (London)


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