Red cabin

In Norway mountainous landscapes we offer you a stay in our red cabin just short walks from a comfortable photo hide for Golden Eagles, Siberian Jays and Ravens. At this high altitude, every year we have winter conditions with lots of snow. We start in Desember, even then it often will be white winter there, and finish in March.

The Red Cabin is a old fashion and cozy accommodation you never will forget. The cabin is original like it was in 1908 when it was built for hunters that stayed there every autumn. Heating is with firewood and propan. For cooking we use a propan stow.

Red Cabin

Accommodation in the cabin

Transportation by snowmobile:Included
Electricity:Generator for charging batteries/using laptops
Water:Drinking water and washing water is transported to the cabin
WC/Shower:No WC or shower
Toilet:Outside toilet
Heating:Gaz and firewood
Cooking:Gaz owen
Hides:Walking distance 200 m
Mobile connection:Good
Internet:No internet