Svalbard winter expedition 2018

Svalbard is famous for its fjords and mountains, surrounded by drifting ice depending on which season it is. Fascinating wildlife as Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Whales, Walruses and a great number of birds attract a great many visitors. Svalbard provides the visitor with tremendous opportunities for great scenic views and…

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Svalbard spring Expedition 2018

Arctic Wildlife Tours arranges a Svalbard photo expedition in late winter. As we always do we will search for wildlife as Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Reindeers and maybe some early migrating birdlife. The light and the landscape is still like in winter, even if the sun is coming back fast…

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Svalbard summer expedition 2018

This will be the second year we are chartering the ship MS Freya, spacious and strong ship, to do this photo wildlife expedition. In early June we expect it to still be drift ice around Svalbard and we work with animals and birds in the ice.


Svalbard August expedition 2018

We are chartering the ship MS Malmö to do this photo expedition into the Svalbard wilderness. In late August we expect to sail up to the drift ice and search for wildlife there.

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