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This is the season of the frosty winter and crusty snow. It will be cold.

Everything looks different in the Arctic during winter seasons. The polar bear fur looks more white. The foxes are totally white. The light is amazing. And the frost is hard on us. Still it is a magnificent time of the year!

The winter season gives you the real feeling of the High Arctic, and it ranges from February to mid April. The earlier it is, the more spectacular weather and light conditions it will be. There is a higher risk of really bad weather this early in the year, which we will need to consider as we plan these early expeditions.

For the wildlife sightings during February, March and April we have huge areas of frozen ice to search. The fjords are frozen, which gives us the possibility to search for wildlife such as Polar Bears, Seals, Walruses and maybe Arctic Foxes hunting or resting near the ice edges.

Upcoming winter tours


Golden Eagle photo hides 2023-2024

The Golden eagle hides are open for booking during the season 2022-2023. Please send us your inquiry and we will help you.

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Svalbard Early Winter expedition 2024 MV Kinfish

Svalbard winter photography on Svalbard. Join us for this very early winter photo expedition and experience the breathtaking light and scenery. The cold environment will make wildlife encounters to something…

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Svalbard Winter expedition 2024

Svalbard travel photography on Svalbard, every day is different, and every year is different. Arctic Wildlife Tours guides leads this winter expedition on Svalbard, a remote area we know well…

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