Svalbard summer polar bear expedition


9 - 11 days

Price from

EUR 5 995 / USD 6 995


June - August

Day 1: Embarking the ship

Today you will board our expedition ship in the afternoon at 16:00 and start your Arctic Svalbard expedition. We urge you to arrive in Longyearbyen at least 24 hours in advance of your departure and explore the nearby areas of Longyearbyen before boarding your ship. Longyearbyen is a great place and you will find some Arctic wildlife on your doorstep there.

Svalbard sommer
Walrus resting place during summer season.

Days 2 – 9: Exploring

During your summer Svalbard expedition, you can expect to visit ice-filled fjords framed by breath-taking snow-covered mountain peaks, towering bird cliffs with colonies of seabirds numbering in their hundreds of thousand, and gigantic glacier fronts dropping into the sea. In the midst of stunning landscapes, you`ll go in search of polar bears as they roam the Svalbard shores and ice-covered areas looking for their next meal. Or we seek out walrus colonies and visit these charismatic personalities up close, cruise nearby one of the bird cliffs, search for an Arctic Fox den by hiking or spot big whales breaching in the icy seas.

Our expedition has a high focus on photographic opportunities and meals and other happenings onboard have less priority than any good opportunity for pictures and wildlife encounters. We use the zodiac inflatables as much as possible to bring our customers in good positions and situations. We spend time with wildlife, which we have made to our concept. 

Day 10: Depart Svalbard

You will arrive the port of Longyearbyen in late evening day 10 and sleep the last night on board the expedition ship. After your breakfast you disembark the ship by 09:00. You will have time to go for a stroll in Longyearbyen and enjoy a cup of coffee there before you need to go to the airport.