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Photo guide and owner

Svein Wik

+47 95 89 77 30

[email protected]

Founder of Arctic Wildlife Tours, Norwegian Photographer Svein Wik has organised expeditions to Svalbard since 2012. Arctic Wildlife Tours was founded in 2016. Since then the amount of trips on Svalbard each year and more destinations has increased.

Svein started wildlife photography more than 25 years ago and has spent more time with wildlife in the north than most people could ever dream of.

Arctic adventures and encounters with polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes and other animals in Svalbard have given him unique experiences, which he is only too happy to share with you. Having worked for many years photographing brown bears, wolves, wolverines and other Scandinavian creatures, Svein is one of the best-known wildlife photographers in Norway.

Together with his photography knowledge, Svein has loved to hike and spend time outdoors since he learned to walk 54 years ago. He was a hunter and a competitive rifle shooter for many years. These skills give him the confidence to handle the risk from polar bears in Svalbard, not because he knows how to shoot, but because he knows how not to shoot a polar bear, and instead scare it away to avoid conflicts.

Svein has published three books and countless articles about wildlife and nature throughout the years.

Portrett Svein Wik.