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Autumn season in the Arctic is the season of colours and light.

This is the season of colours. The light and colours in the landscapes are spectacular.

The birds have now migrated to the south. Late August and September is spectacular when it comes to light and colours. The Polar Bears will be more sleepy because it is more difficult to hunt. Only the Polar Bears that still roam the drift ice will be hunting and active as usual.

The weather can be more unpredictable in late September but not necessarily. The autumn season gives in general less ice and snow, but we can also experience the first new snow from the coming winter.

Upcoming autumn tours


Main Wildlife season Svalbard August 16 – 26 2024

Svalbard wildlife photography tour in the late summer and early autumn to spend more time in the drift ice searching for Polar Bears and other wildlife.

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Late Autumn season Svalbard September 05 – 15 2024

In September we expect to spend days into the drift ice far north and east of Svalbard. Our goal is to photograph polar bears and other wildlife in golden light.

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Svalbard September 14 – 24 2024 Expedition MV Kinfish

September light photo expedition where we expect to sail into the drift ice far north and east of Svalbard to find find polar bears and other wildlife.

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