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Seasonal guide

Cecilie Sørensen

Cecilie grew up in Larvik, in south-east Norway, the home town of the famous Kon-Tiki explorer Thor Heyerdahl. She lives in Oslo where she works as a police officer. For three summer seasons she has been a field inspector for the Governor of Svalbard, known as Sysselmannen, boat patrolling on the west coast of Svalbard and living out in the field for two months at a time. In this role she has been registrating cultural heritage sites, cleaning plastic waste from the shore, counting birds on islands and cliffs, reindeers and walrus on the tundra and shores and registrating seals, whales, arctic foxes and polar bears. Another task has been controlling cruise ships, sailboats and other small vessels, and guiding visitors about protecting the Svalbard environment. Cecilie joined the Arctic Wildlife Tours team in 2018 as a seasonal guide.