Whales and northern lights

January 10 - 16 2023


Arctic Wildlife Tours announces new whale photography tours in January 2023. We will be using the extremely flexible sail yacht S/Y Arctica II. We have used this yacht before on Svalbard and did our first whale photography tour this year in November 2021. It worked great and it is a hotell on water which makes us able to stay close to the best whale watching places at all time. We look forward to use it again in 2023.

We will try to combine the Whale photography with landings to photograph Northern lights if we have that. The landscapes in the area is perfect to use in our pictures. The areas we use will be Tromsø, Skjervøy, Kvænangen and Senja.

We will search for sheltered harbors for anchoring during the nights with a short sailing back to where the best places for whale photography will be. We will adapt to the weather and where the whales is to be found and the itinerary might be changed according to where we find the whales or northern lights.



Dates: January 10 - 16 2023
Duration: 6 nights/ 7 days
Embark the ship: Tromsø harbour, January 10 07:00
Disembark the ship: Skjervøy harbour, January 16 16:00

Mixed cabins, shared and private facilities, spots available
NOK 39 500

Available spots might not be updated at all times. Please ask for update on how many cabins that still are available and which type of cabins by sending us an inquiry. The cabins are double cabins with private facilities, in case you need a single cabin, please ask us. You will spend all 6 nights and 7 days onboard the yacht which is well suited for this kind of wildlife photography. We spend the evenings by anchoring nearby where we know we have the best chances for seeing the whales. We also bring zodiacs for closes encounters if that is possible.

Practical information

This trip is a unique opportunity for everybody interested in orcas, humpback whales, Arctic winter landscapes, Northern Lights landscapes. We will do some photography from the sail yacht but we will have an available zodiac for some other opportunities and landings. Northern lights photography will be done from land using a tripod.

The yacht will be our base during the trip and all food are served onboard.

Estimated travel route during this photo tour



Day 0 We always recommend to arrive at least one day and night in advance. Arrival day.

Day 1 Departure from Tromsø through searching for whales during the day.

Day 1-6 We will first of all search for whales wherever they will be this year. We will live onboard the comfortable sail yacht while we are looking for them. Normally we will find the first ones not very far from Tromsø. The cruise will be concentrated to places around Tromsø, Skjervøy and Senja.

Day 6 Leaving the ship at the evening in Skjervøy harbour.

Booking Information

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Registration: You register by submitting a deposit of NOK 8 000 to the bank account.

Bank account: 1503.71.05543


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