Svalbard winter

Dates April 09 - 13 2023


Exploring Svalbard by snowmobile

In March you literally feel the Arctic environment on your body. The cold, the wind, the silence and the light... It is amazing. You might think this is a bit extreme and already think about how freezing cold it will be? It will, but you will be so occupied about the experiences that you will forget and overcome that. During the days it can be minus 30 celsius sometimes if it is a really cold winter. On days with higher temperatures the wind usually increases and creates the chill. Everyone with normal good health can do an expedition like this. At the campground we will find heated tents to dine and sleep in.

We will have focus on searching for wildlife, finding landscapes and following the light for photographic opportunities. We will be accommodated in Longyearbyen and do day trips out from there. We will search for Arctic Foxes, Ptarmigans and Svalbard Reindeers during these days. We even look for Polar Bears and usually we will find them. It is very restricted about environment and approaching wildlife in Svalbard so we need to keep safe distances to Polar Bears, but with a big lense it is possible to have som good pictures. You will experience the Svalbard winter like an adventure you never thought would be possible. This is the ultimate experience from the Arctic environment.

Arctic Wildlife Tours has done several winter expeditions like this throughout the last years and our travel leaders and guides has experience from this kind of tours.

Please as us if you have any further questions about this tour on [email protected]

Dates: April 09 - 13 2023
Duration: 5 days
Guides: 2
Max participants: 5

Snowmobiles: All participants drive their own snowmobile. We drive out from Longyearbyen every day and will be back in Longyearbyen every evening. Accommodation is not included in the price. We might stay out long in the evenings and rather depart from Longyearbyen later in the morning to have the best possible light in late evenings and nights.

2 spots available
NOK 49 500,-

Snowmobile logistics


At this time of the year Svalbard and the High Arctic conditions offer some really cold days. In days with good weather we will have cold conditions around - 20-30 degrees celsius. In days with bad weather we will have cold wind and snowfall. Safety is priority number one when sailing in the Svalbard environment, in winter we have even more focus on this. Clothing is important and all participants need 3 layers clothing under the snowmobile driving overall that we provide. We drive in a group and follow the advices from the tour leader. We stay together when we stop because of the Polar Bear danger. No-one can walk away from the group without being followed by one of the guides.

Your own clothing 

1. Long- thermal underwear
2. Socks: cotton socks worn under woolen socks
3. Trousers: loose-fitting, fleece, cotton or similar 
4. Shirt: Loose-fitting, high collar, cotton or similar 
5. Sweater: wool, fleece or similar
6. Balaclava

Clothing provided by us

1. Woollen socks
2. Shoes: at least one size larger than your usual size. Loose-fitting shoes keep your feet warmer!
3. Snowmobile overall
4. Mittens
5. Helmet

Travel Route


Svalbard is situated at about 80 degrees North, so we schedule the expedition in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day in advance. We offer you a dinner in the evening. We pick up the swnowmobiles this evening. Snowmobile pick up and briefing in the evening before the day we depart.

Day 1-5 We drive out from Longyearbyen every day and will be back in the evening. The routs we drive with snowmobile is flexible each day and will be decided by the weather conditions mainly. We will visit stunning landscapes, frozen fjords and glaciers up close. On the way we will find some wildlife like arctic foxes, svalbard ptarmigans, svalbard reindeers and maybe we will see polar bears. This is something we will work for during the entire trip.


svalbard winter expedition

Ice frozen in a fjord

Blue ice from a glazier frozen in a fjord

svalbard winter expedition

Winter light Svalbard

Early morning. Van Mijen fjord, Svalbard

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox sleeping

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox in strong wind

photo tours

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox and sunset in early April

Svalbard Reindeer

Feeding on the tundra

Svalbard landscapes

From Adventdalen nearby Longyearbyen in early morning

Polar Bear

Coming from the sea ice in the evening

Svalbard landscapes

The light is constantly changing in the Arctic environment

Svalbard Ptarmigans

Early morning nearby Longyearbyen

Svalbard Ptarmigan

Backlit situation in Adventdalen

Booking Information

Booking Inquiry for Svalbard Tour

Registration: You register by submitting deposit payment of NOK 10.000 to the bank account.

Bank account: 1503.71.05543


Bank address:
DNB NOR Bank Stjørdal, Kjøpmannsgata 13, 7500 Stjørdal, Norway

Please send your tour reservation from the Booking page and we will send you the booking form on email. Send in the completed reservation/booking form together with the payment and your booking will be confirmed. A non refundable expedition fee of NOK 450 will be added to your deposit payment.

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