Svalbard winter light

Tour # 1: 19 - 22 Februar 2021

Tour # 2: 25 - 28 Februar 2021

Svalbard winter light tour

We have scheduled two tour programs on Svalbard by snowmobile in February for Norwegian customers or other customers that can travel to Norway and Svalbard evn within the regime of prevailing travel restrictions. This winter light and winder wildlife photography tour will give you the chance to see and photograph arctic foxes, Svalbard ptarmigans, Svalbard reindeer and maybe polar bears if the conditions are good and the bears are around.

The light is spectacular at this time of the year. Blue and purple in the mornings and evenings, red and yellow for a short time in the middle of the day. The sun will be above the horizon only around an hour around February 20th, and it can not be viewed from anywhere. We need to be in some good positions.

Every morning we drive out early in the morning and stay out until it is dark. We might schedule some northern-light photography in the late evenings or nights if the cast promise good weather and at the same good chances for northern-light.

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Dates tour#1: 19 - 22 Februar 2021
Dates tour#2: 25 - 28 Februar 2021
Duration: 4 days pr tour

Tour #1
4 available
NOK 20 900,-

Tour #2
4 available
NOK 20 900,-

Max participants per tour: 4
Min participants per tour: 2

Snowmobile logistics

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Travel Route



Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day in advance. We offer you a dinner in the evening. You will be accommodated at the Guesthouse 102 in Longyearbyen. We pick up the snowmobiles in the evening at day 0 and do a snowmobile briefing, then we will be ready to drive in the morning of day 1.

Day 1 We meet after breakfast we drive out in the areas nearby Longyearbyen looking for wildlife and landscapes. Most of this first day will be used for exploring the nearby areas, looking for wildlife. If the group is comfortable driving snowmobiles we might do a longer trip.

Day 2-4 We search for wildlife and landscapes from early morning until late evening. In February it is short days but evenings and nights give us a fantastic blue and purple light. In mid day we might have some sunlight which will light the landscapes partly, creating good opportunities for landscapes. In late evenings and nights we might go for northern-light. What we can do and where we can go each day depends on the weather and ice conditions. If it is good ice conditions we can visit some of the fjords looking for wildlife there. It also depends on the local regulations for where we are allowed to go at the time being. All out focus will be to bring the group into good photographic situations. We will use early mornings and late evenings to get the best Arctic light situations.

We will have to do some snowmobile driving for up to 150 km during one day at the most.

Day 5 Return home

Svalbard winter image carousel

Ice frozen in a fjord

Blue ice from a glazier frozen in a fjord

Winter light Svalbard

Early morning. Van Mijen fjord, Svalbard

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox sleeping

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox in strong wind

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox and sunset in early April

Svalbard Reindeer

Feeding on the tundra

Svalbard landscapes

From Adventdalen nearby Longyearbyen in early morning

Polar Bear

Coming from the sea ice in the evening

Svalbard landscapes

The light is constantly changing in the Arctic environment

Svalbard Ptarmigans

Early morning nearby Longyearbyen

Svalbard Ptarmigan

Backlit situation in Adventdalen

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