Svalbard spring

April 29 - May 07 2019


Photo tour into the ice

Our travel leader and guides have a passion for wildlife and nature. Our feelings for the wildlife will be your guarantee for unforgettable experiences during this photo tour into the Svalbard wilderness. We have the knowledge and experience to find the wildlife and to give you the best possible situations for photographing and experiencing it.

We will visit the Svalbard wilderness and icy waters in late winter and early spring time during this wildlife expedition and photo tour. We do focus on photographic opportunities but our expeditions is well suited for anyone interested in wildlife experiences. The guides and people working in Arctic Wildlife Tours wants people to have the best experiences possible from the waters around Svalbard, We work really hard to achieve this. From 2019 we will bring an assisting guide that will work together with the travel leader and main guide to spot wildlife. For this expedition we use the old fashion ship MS Malmö, a well suited ship to do expeditions in Svalbard. We will during this photo tour have a main focus on searching in the drift ice and fjords for wildlife as Polar Bears, Walruses, seals, Arctic Foxes, Reindeers and some early migrating birdlife. This will be a specialized Svalbard photo expedition, but not only for the professionals. If you are an amateur or a new beginner with your camera this journey still suites you!

This particular Svalbard expedition and photo tour will last 8 nights onboard MS Malmö. Read about some of the previous trips on Be Inspired pages.

Dates: April 29 - May 07 2019
Duration: 8 nights
Embark: Longyearbyen, April 19 16:00
Disembark: Longyearbyen, May 07 09:00

Superior cabin, private facilities,0 places available
NOK 65 000,- pr. pax

Double cabins, private facilities,7 places available
NOK 55 000,- pr. pax

Double cabins, shared facilities, 2 places available
NOK 52 500,- pr. pax

Ship: MS Malmö

Practical information

What's included?

Travel Route Svalbard photo tour


This photo tour and itinerary will be planned in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. Normally we will still have the drift ice close in June/July and where we can sail will be a decision made from the ice situation. We will have two alternative routes, either to the vest and north or to the south and east. In April/May the areas that is accessible probably will be more limited than later in summer.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day and night in advance.

Day 1 Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden. Heading north or south, depending on the drift ice situation, into the drifting ice.

Day 1-8 We set course for the areas where we know we will meet the drift ice. If we sail north or south this will be the focus. Some of the fjords and islands is interesting to visit and we will search systematically for wildlife wherever we go. The fjords will still be frozen in this time of the year.

The route is just a estimate for where we can sail. This can, and probably will, be changed as we know this from our earlier expeditions.

Day 9 Leaving the ship after breakfast and prepare the travel home. The photo tour ends.

Booking Information

Booking Inquiry for Svalbard photo expedition

Registration: You register by sending in the booking forms we send you upon your request and submitting deposit payment of NOK 20.000.

Please send your tour reservation from the Booking page and we will send you the booking form on email. Send in the completed reservation/booking form together with the payment and your booking will be confirmed. Both booking form and terms form have to be signed. The second payment of NOK 20.000,- have to be made within 3 months before departure. Full payment must be made no later than 30 days prior to departure. You will receive invoices for the last two payments. Private cancellation insurance should be purchased by all participants.

Booking Inquiry


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