Svalbard extreme
photography expedition

July 23 - August 02 2020


"A refurbished polar vesel made for the ice"


Our new expedition ship MS Polarstar was built for use in the ice in 1948 as a seal hunting vessel. The ship have been used in the east Greenland ice many seasons after that. After the seal hunting period was shut down the Polarstar was used in tourism some years and a surveilling vessel from the local authorities in Svalbard, Sysselmannen. The ship is original but was refurbished recently at a cost of NOK 20 million and inside the ship it is like new. The concept onboard is more rough with original cabins, singles and doubles, but without private facilities. One suite is available with private facilities.

Our new concept is using Polarstar up in the heavy drift ice searching for wildlife like Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales, Narwhals and all other wildlife which is to be found there. Polarstar have a engine of 2000 hp and is ice strengthened at the highest level. It is made for work in the ice.

This is a ship made for being used in the ice and under more extreme conditions!

On this special made expedition for exploring the drift ice north east of Svalbard we will use Polarstar for everything its worth. We saile directly up in the ice and stay there during the whole expedition. We will be searching for wildlife as Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales, Seals and different bird species that possibly could be found in these areas. We might visit a glazier or a small island on our way but mainly we go for the drift ice.

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Dates: July 23 - August 02 2020
Duration: 10 nights/11 days
Embark: Longyearbyen, July 23 16:00
Disembark: Longyearbyen, August 02 09:00

Total pax: 16
Guides: 3
Zodiacs: 3

Ensuite superior cabin, 0 places available
NOK 85 000,- pr. pax

Single cabins, shared facilities,0 places available
NOK 73 500,- pr. pax

Double cabins, shared facilities, 0 places available
NOK 67 500,- pr. pax

Ship: MS Polarstar

Practical information


In the drift ice we will meet the Polar Bears that survive in these huge areas of ice during summer. July will be the best time of the year for this. Far northeast in the drift ice we know it is possible to see Bowhead Whales and we will search for these amazing creatures that can reach a age of 200 years. We will see birds like the Ivory Gull, Kittiwakes, Brünnich Guillemots, Skuas and other bird species typical for the high Arctic. We give no guaranties for what kind of wildlife we will be able to find for you, but we know it is a great chance for seeing what we mention.


Polar Bear sightings

This is the best place in the world to find and see the magnificent polar bear in its natural habitat. A truly unique experience for nature enthusiasts and modern polar explorers.

The diversity of wildlife
Aside from polar bears, there is an unbelievable amount of wildlife to encounter on a Svalbard photo expedition. Walruses resting on the ice, blue whales playing around the ship and swarms of rare birdlife are just some of what to expect.

Estimated travel route during this photo tour


The itinerary for this Svalbard photo expedition will be planned in accordance with the prevailing weather and ice conditions. At this time of then year we will find the drift ice at 81 - 83 degrees north. Our goal is to reach these areas and search for wildlife there.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive in Longyearbyen, the biggest settlement on Svalbard, at least 24 hours in advance.

Day 1 Depart from Longyearbyen through the Isfjord heading north towards the drifting ice.

Day 2-9 We set course for the areas where we know we will meet the drift ice. We sail via the seven islands and northeast until we reach the drift ice. Depending on the drift ice conditions we will start searching for wildlife in this area and probably continue towards east. We need some good weather to succeed finding wildlife up there.

Day 10 We sail back towards south and Longyearbyen.

Day 11 Leave the ship after breakfast and prepare for the journey home.

Booking Information

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