Svalbard Masterclass

Photography masterclass
onboard expedition
April 23 - May 01 2024

Masterclass on board

Hosted by nat geo photographer stefano unterthiner

Join us for an exceptional expedition with a NEW edition of our ‘Masterclass on board’. Arctic Wildlife Tours is pleased to continue an exciting collaboration with National Geographic photographer, Stefano Unterthiner.

Stefano will share with you his knowledge and creative process, his personal view and approach to nature photography and photojournalism. For the entire expedition you will have the possibility to photograph together, to learn from a Master: from composition to post-production, from editing to how to build a story; with moments of sharing, portfolio reviews and, of course, lot of activity with your camera…

This unique opportunity will allow you to improve your photography, your ability to see and ‘fell’ the shot, your approach — and philosophy — to produce a winning image. Limited to 12 ‘students’ only, this esclusive expedition is an unrepeatable journey in the high Arctic.

This exclusive small ship charter workshop and expedition navigates through the Svalbard wilderness and icy waters of the High Arctic on board the expedition ship MS Origo. 

Wondering what to expect? Please get in touch for more information and to talk about what you can expect.
Email Stefano Unterthiner on [email protected]

Read more about Stefano and his work on is website


Dates: 23. Apr 2024 - 01. May 2024

Duration: 8 nights


Available: SOLD OUT

Embark: Longyearbyen, April 23 18:00

Disembark: Longyearbyen, May 01 09:00

Superior double cabin, private facilities, 0 spots available
EUR 9 500 pr. pax

Double cabin, private facilities, 2 cabins available
EUR 8 900 pr. pax

Single cabin, private facilities, 1 spots available share with a man
EUR 8 900 pr. pax

Single cabin, shared facilities, 0 spots available(Can be used as double)
EUR 7 500 pr. pax

Available spots might not be updated at all times. Please ask for update on how many cabins that still are available and which type of cabins by sending us an inquiry. The cabins are double shared cabins, in case you need a single cabin, please ask us.

Practical information

Stefano Unterthiner

Growing up in the mountains of Northwest Italy, Stefano Unterthiner began serious photography at the age of 17, went on to study zoology and, in the fall of 2000, obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). After completing his studies, Stefano returned to Italy and began his career as a zoologist. But his camera was always at his side, and it was not long before his hobby turned into an all-consuming lifestyle and profession.

Unterthiner specialises in telling the life stories of wildlife, living in close contact with his chosen species for long periods. He also has a strong commitment to nature conservation and environmental issues, with a particular interest in human-wildlife conflict and coexistence.

Stefano is a regular contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine, he’s the author of nine photography books and a multi-award winner in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He lives with his wife Stéphanie and their children Rémi and Bahia in the Aosta Valley, Italy.

Estimated travel route during this photo tour


This photo tour and itinerary will be planned in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions. The ice is retreating fast at this time of the year and we will have more and more open sea. We will sail as far north up to the drift ice.

Day 0 We always recommend to arrive Longyearbyen at least one day and night in advance.

Day 1 Departure from Longyearbyen through Isfjorden. Heading north or south, depending on the drift ice situation, into the drifting ice. We also search in the fjords, which will have fjord ice still.

Day 1-8 We set course for the areas where we know we will meet the drift ice. No matter if we sail north or south this will be the focus. Some of the fjords and islands will be interesting to visit and we will search systematically for wildlife wherever we go. The fjords will still be frozen in this time of the year. The route is just a estimate for where we can sail. This can, and probably will, be changed as we know this from our earlier expeditions.

Day 9 Leaving the ship after breakfast and prepare the travel home.

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