Golden Eagle photography workshop

Professional guided workshop and hides


Golden Eagle photography workshop

Arctic Wildlife Tours offer professional Golden Eagle photography guiding and workshop in Norway mountains. Stay in an exclusive and old fashion cabin during the nights or use a nearby motel for more comfort. The red cabin is an experience in its self, so do not underestimate the experience staying there. We spend the days in the professional hides close by. The red cabin are close by the hides, only 200 meter in distance, and the hotel is 20 minutes driving by car from the parking lot for our snowmobiles. Every morning and evening you will be transported with snowmobiles to and from the hides. Our guides will take care of all logistics and transportation.

We have worked with these eagles for many years now and they are not shy like many Golden eagles can be. This pair is fairly tolerant and we will have them close to the hides. It is important that we sit still and do not make any unnecessary movements or noice while in the hides. A sudden movement might affect the birds and scare them off. In some situations we even have used remote controlled cameras in all sorts of variants.

A professional guide will be with you at the hides and help with all preparation from morning too evening. We will have three different hides available, one hide with two spots available and one with three spots. One single hide is also available if you wish to try from a different angel.

The hides is situated up by the tree-line and you see naked mountains from the hides. Some pine forest and spruce forest is surrounding the place. We have regularly two eagles visiting the hides, sometimes the eagle pair bring their juvenile chick from the summer before. If that happens we normally we have lot of activity. nearby the hides we regularly have siberian jays visiting the place and feeding places we have put up there.

Your photo guide will be Wildlife Photographer Svein Wik. He have worked with the eagles in this area for 25 years. The first time just sleeping in a sleeping bag in 25 minus degrees celsius. Lately in comfortable hides with heating systems.

Price 4 day workshop: NOK  14 900,-

Accommodation in our cabin:    NOK  2 900,- pr. person (4 nights) Available spots: 2

Accommodation at a nearby motel: NOK 3 500,- pr person (4 nights in double room) Available spots: 3

Single occupancy at motel: NOK 4 900,- pr person

Included in the price.
Transportation by snowmobile, guiding during the workshop, breakfast and lunch, warm outer clothing, heated hides and cabin. Coffe or tea in the hides and cabin. Transportation from/to airport. All transportation each day.

Not included.
Dinner and alcoholic beverages. Flights. Any expenses prior or after the workshop.


Maximum 5 persons/minimum 3

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Travel Route


The hides is located only 30 minutes driving by car from the Trondheim Airport in Norway. If you have chosen accommodation in our Red Cabin nearby the hides up in the mountains we will drive you there after your arrival at the airport. Trondheim Airport is easy to travel to from most of Europe and direct flights is possible.

The last distance we need to do by using snowmobiles. It takes 15 minutes with driving before we arrive the Red Cabin. During this workshop you will be transported by snowmobile every morning and evening. We start out very early and will be in the hides two hours before sunrise in the morning.



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