Iberian Lynx
photography tour

Dates Desember 03 - 09 2023


Join Arctic Wildlife Tours for this Desember tour in Spain for Iberian Lynx photography. From the hides we can experience the lynxes in a growing population there at eye levels. The area we are visiting have the highest population of Iberian Lynx in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a great opportunity for exciting pictures. Two photo guides from Arctic Wildlife Tours will join this tour.

PEÑALAJO is a 2,260-hectare estate located between the municipalities of Santa Cruz de Mudela and Almuradiel in Ciudad Real, very close to the northernmost foothills of Sierra Morena. 

It limits to the west with one of the largest highways in Spain, the Autovía del Sur, and in fact it has its own exit from the highway for this large estate, 227, which attests to the historical importance of this place. 

Its geographical position is excellent just over 2 hours and 15 minutes from Madrid Adolfo Suarez Airport. 

PEÑALAJO was always a famous estate and farm because of its high density of partridges and mountain rabbits, and more recently for its manchego cheeses and olive oil. Meeting place in the past of the European aristocracy, it is a place of reference and of great economic importance for the area. 

The farm still retains some of its traditional uses and has been relegating others, but has always considered the conservation of Mediterranean habitats, pasture and arable land as one of its identities. 

They have been indispensable collaborators in recent times for the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Ciudad Real, working together with the different local and regional administrations and together with WWF, improving the habitat of the Iberian lynx and the local rabbit population. The result, several years later, is that PEÑALAJO has one of the highest Iberian lynx densities in the Iberian Peninsula, with 3 breeding populations, located inside the farm, and 10 new cubs this year. 

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Dates: Desember 03 - 09 2023
Duration: 5 days in hides
Guides: 2
Max participants: 8
Min participants: 5

4 spots available
NOK 35 500,-

Single supplement add NOK 2000


-4 full days of Iberian lynx hides in Peñalajo Estate. 

-1 day use of bird hides if needed, imperial eagle. Optional 1 day extra Iberian lynx. 

-Transfer from Madrid to Peñalajo and return. 

-All meals from first day dinner dinner to last day breakfast 

-Ground transport during the tour service and local guides. 

-6 accommodation days in Hotel casa Palacio Santa Cruz*** in double shared room basis. 

General information

The external accommodations are located just 5 minutes from the entrance of the farm. This means there are literally 10 minutes from the hotel room of the photographer to the photographic hides. But we also have a manor house in the estate with capacity for 14 persons inside the estate, with garden and swimming pool. Available with all meals for groups. With 5 different double seat hides for lynx, and some more for steppe birds, raptors and passerines. The success rate per day and hide vary from 60 to 80%. Clients must be patients lynxes are not feeded, they have drinking pools and closed jails with rabbits for attraction. 

Lynx population

The very high density of rabbits has meant that females successfully breed more than two cubs on average per season and that there is a high number of young specimens in the area. 

A few years ago, PEÑALAJO rose to fame because one of his breeding females MESTA began to raise her cubs in an abandoned haystack located in the heart of the farm, accessing the place daily through the entrance door to the haystack. 

Nowadays ODRINA, a daughter of MESTA, has displaced her mother, and has occupied the haystack, raising her cubs in this same place. MESTA is now doing the same in the south of the farm. In all our range there are currently near on 22 lynxes on average. 

Have any questions?

If you have any questions or are wondering about something,
please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.
We might be traveling some but will answer as fast as possible.


Day 1st: Arrival to Madrid Airport 

Welcome and collection in 9 seat vans with driver, transfer to Santa Cruz de Mudela, our base camp is Hotel Casa Palacio Santa Cruz ***, we will arrive there after 2h and 15 minutes from airport. Dependent on the flight schedule we can have the first entry to Iberian Lynx hide during the evening.

The success rate per day and hide vary from 60 to 80%. The goal of these trip is return home with good pictures of several lynxes on different situations, these means to wait on silence during some hours, but the results will be impressive. At night transfer to the accommodation that is 8 minutes far, dinner and rest.

Day 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th: Iberian Lynx hides photography 

During that period all clients must use all hides and access to several breeding territories with different animals. 

Clients access to hides in groups of 2, our guides transport the after breakfast in 4WD cars to hides and explain them all the guidelines needed. 

Mornings are always better than evenings and the hides are on the heart of lynx territories, sometimes takes 1 hour other times 3 hours and other times the day can fail but at the end of the trip all clients must guard in their photo cards hundreds of excellent lynx pictures. Most of hides are placed at ground level to have the lynx eyes at same level than client eyes. 

At midday around 13:00h guides collect clients and drive them to a meeting point in the dehesa below an Holm Oak, here a waiter in the middle of nature, prepare a table with chairs and tablecloth. 

A country lunch will be served to clients with Iberian ham, cheese, soups, hot stewed meat, red partridge pate, fruits, breed, sweets etc.. with several hot and cold drinks, red wine, waters, sodas, coffes. If the weather is not the best lunch will be served on Manor house gardens where we have a covered area. After this break, clients will be lead again to the afternoon hides. Evening activity on hides, waiting the presence of lynx. Along 4 days clients have the opportunity of visiting different hides. Peñalajo estate have other photographic services for birds, drinking pools, grain feeders. Are of free use for clients but…our advice is to spend all the time that was possible with lynx, the final results can be unforgettable. Daily return to accommodation and dinner.

Day 6th 

Iberian Lynx again, or optional imperial eagles, little owls, mediterranean passerines or buzzards and kites hides. Clients could choose bid hides and share the along all the stay with lynx hides. Daily return to accommodation and dinner. 

Day 7th 

After breakfast, last morning on hides, we hope that with all the desired pictures, at midday collection and transfer to Madrid airport for evening fly. 

Tour finish 

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