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Nature in the High Arctic constantly changes. East Greenland is the place where huge icebergs are born, every day is different, and every season is different. Arctic Wildlife Tours guides this Greenland photo cruise adventure and photography expedition to the biggest fjord system in the world, Scoresby sund, in East Greenland. We are going for an experience of the great landscapes and some of the biggest icebergs in the world on this Greenland cruise. 

The main subjects on this Greenland photo cruise will be grand landscapes, icebergs and Arctic wildlife. We will encounter extreme arctic landscapes and wildlife in one of the most remote places in the world. The Scoresby Sund on Greenland’s east coast is the largest fjord system in the world, and the focus of our new photographic expedition. This extensive fjord system flowing from the Greenland Ice Cap is home to some of the most scenically spectacular landscapes anywhere. This fjord system is ice covered for nine months of the year. There is only a narrow window of time when the sound is open to exploration by boat, few photographers make it to this remarkable and remote area which is truly of the last great wilderness destinations on our Earth. During the time of our sailing the Scoresby sund is packed with icebergs and water that can often be mirror smooth with superb reflections especially around sunrise and sunset. In Autumn the east Greenland tundra is time for the vibrant colours of dwarf willow, birch, blueberry and the very last alpine flowers. This is a fabulous a photographic adventure in Greenland, truly the trip of a lifetime.

September is a great time in the Arctic when the autumn light is at its best. This Greenland photo tour will schedule for longer stops than usual when going ashore in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. We use 5 zodiac boats for landings or when searching for the wildlife at sea. There will be maximum 53 guests on this expedition.

East Greenland is famous for massive icebergs and grand landscapes, but does not have the density of wildlife as we normally see on Svalbard. However, there are good possibilities for photographing Arctic hare, seals, seabirds, and maybe also Musk Ox and Polar bears. We also plan to visit the native village Ittoqqortoormiit, home to some 450 Greenlanders and the only settlement in Northeast Greenland.

We start and finish this expedition onboard the M/V Polar Pioner in Akureyri, Iceland

Dates: Aug 27 - Sept 06 2024
Duration: 10 nights
Embark: Akureyri, Iceland, Aug 27  16:00
Disembark: Akureyri, Iceland, Sept 06  09:00

Available spots might not be updated at all times. Please ask for update on how many cabins that still are available and which type of cabins by sending us an inquiry. In addition to the single cabins marked on the deck plan we do offer a single cabin option in one of the regular cabins at a price of 1.8 multiplied with the double cabin price. We will use 5 zodiacs for landings or when searching for wildlife at sea. There will be maximum 53 guests onboard.


  • All nights onboard the MV Polar Pioner
  • Expedition leader, guides and staff
  • Excursions with zodiacs and landings
  • Safety handling
  • All meals onboard


  • Flights to/from Iceland
  • Overnight accommodation prior and following the expedition
  • Alcohol and souvenirs purchased onboard the ship
  • Tips fir the vessels crew members
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
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TRIPPLE PUBLIC cabin, shared facilities,  NOK 75 000 pr person, 6 spots available

TWIN PUBLIC cabin, shared facilities, NOK 85 000 pr person, 18 spots available

TWIN PRIVATE cabin, private facilities, NOK 92 500 pr person, 20 spots available

MINI SUITE cabin, private facilities, NOK 99 000 pr person, 4 spots available

CAPTAINS SUITE, private facilities, NOK 110 000 pr person, 2 spots available

SINGLE PRIVATE cabin, private facilities, NOK 125 000 pr person, 2 spots available(Cabin #402 and #403)

You register for this expedition by submitting deposit payment of NOK 10 000 and a nonrefundable
expedition fee of NOK 450, and returning the signed booking forms we will send to you upon your inquiry.

We try to keep available spots updated at any time but please ask us to make sure.
You can send us an email on [email protected]  OR  [email protected]
any time if you have any questions about this expedition.


This is a very rare opportunity to see and experience the remote areas of East Greenland during one of the most spectacular times of the year. Very few will ever have the opportunity to venture to this side of Greenland. This is a trip for you who are looking to capture one of the most remote parts of the world and it impressive scenery. During our expedition we explore Scoresby Sound and its fjords. The light during this time of the year is spectacular and offers unique opportunities to capture the arctic landscapes. We have chosen the dates for this trip based on the fact that this is where the sun will be coloring Greenlands icebergs and landscapes with golden light.

Polar bears in these areas they are more rare to see and more shy, but they are possible too bump into. More common wildlife to see is muskox, seals, arctic foxes, whales and maybe snow hare.

Estimated travel route during this photo tour


Day 0 Akureyri, Iceland. We recommend you to arrive at least one day and night in advance.

Day 1 We start sailing towards the north from Iceland to the East Greenland coastline.

Day 2 At sea heading towards Scoresby Sound

Day 3-9 We explore one of the worlds wildest and most beautiful areas in the fjord systems of Scoresby sund. This is an expedition and our route will be determined by wind, weather, ice and the wildlife. Patience and flexibility are the keys to a successful trip and our guides will work hard to give you an unforgettable journey on this Greenland cruise.  There are a number of very interesting places in Scoresby Sound, some where chances of seeing Muskox are good. We are planning landings, zodiac cruises between the ice bergs and much more. We are searching for the best light and landscape conditions together with the possibilities for going hiking and seeing some of the wildlife there.

We shall cruise Scorsby Sound, the vast ice filled Sermilik fjord, the sounds and channels between the villages of Tiniteqilaq, Kummiut and Sermiligaq, and spend nights in spectacular, remote anchorages. Here mountains rise verticaly from the sea and large glaciers feed magnificent parade of icebergs to the East Greenland current on the way South.

As this trip is largely just magnificent nature, it is bit hard to write specifics. We’ve seen orca pods hunting hooded seal colonies on ice from North, in the past twice, Bears. Many whales. Musk oxen is common to see and we do breathtaking anchorages and hikes.

Day 10 At sea sailing back to Akureyri.

Day 11 Arriving Akureyri, Iceland.

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Registration: You register by sending in the booking forms we send you upon your request and submitting full payment. This inquiry is not a binding booking.

Please send your tour reservation from the Booking page and we will send you the booking form on email. Send in the completed reservation/booking and we will send you an invoice for the payment. After the deposit payment your booking will be confirmed. A expedition fee of NOK 750 will be added on your payment.

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