Polar Bear photo tour
Arctic Canada

November 11 - 18 2022


Known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, Churchill’s location offers unrivaled access to the Western Hudson Bay sub population. View and photograph polar bears as they prepare to head back out on the sea ice. Arctic Wildlife Tours photo guides who is experienced from polar bear photography in the wilderness of Svalbard will together with local guides will position you to the best vantage points ensuring both the safety of guests and polar bears. At the same time increase the possibilities for some great moral bear pictures or video shoots.

Churchill surroundings is totally different from the surroundings on Svalbard. In Churchill we have trees and small forests nearby the ocean. The polar bears await the oceans to freeze up there and as soon it does, they disappear out on the ice for hunting their main pray - seals. To encounter polar bears there autumn is the best time to do it. From September to the end of November is the window for seeing them here we have. Late November gives us snow and snowdrifts, and we in Arctic Wildlife Tours choose to go for that to begin with.

All photography will be done from ground level. We use 4x4 vehicles and can get out of the cars and approach polar bears when they are around. We will be able to stay close and wait for interesting behavior. This workshop will focus on capturing interesting scenes and work with different polar bear personalities. Arctic Wildlife Tours guides are experienced in this kind of field work and know how to get to the best situations. This first trip in 2022 will only be 6 persons in total. A unique opportunity of experience the "Polar Bear Capital" with us.

Churchill’s location directly under the auroral oval means there is always the possibility of the Northern Lights making an appearance. If the lights come out during your trip we will take the group out to photograph in our favorite spots for no extra charge. 

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Dates: November 11 - 18 2022
Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
Arrival: Winnipeg, November 11
Departure: From Churchill, November 18

Available spots: FULLY BOOKED!
Tour price  
 NOK 55 000  pr. person

Double room occupancy, private facilities.
(No single occupancy available on this tour)

Available spots might not be updated at all times. Please ask.

Included in the tour:
• 4-full days of looking for polar bears via 4x4 vehicles
• Accommodation in B&B adds local charm
• All meals in Churchill • Airfare to and from Churchill from Winnipeg
• Small groups, 3 per vehicle

Churchill Bears Den accommodation



September and October bring cooler temperatures and the beginning of Northern Lights Season while daylight hours are still normal. In October the colors start to fade and winter is near. In November the snow start falling and the oceans freeze up in late November.

Adventure activities are in full swing and it is a great time to take advantage of fall travel deals. The season brings marvelous opportunities for encountering the "King of the Arctic", the Polar Bear.

Estimated activity during this photo tour


Day 1 - Arrive Winnipeg
Day 2 - Fly to Churchill, town and area tour and get settled
Day 3 - All day on the tundra
Day 4 - All day on the tundra
Day 5 - All day on the tundra
Day 6 - All day on the tundra
Day 7 - Town activities (looking for wildlife, museum), fly to Winnipeg
Day 8 - Fly home

Churchill Map
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Registration: You register by sending in the booking forms we send you upon your request and pay the expedition fee of NOK 450. This inquiry is not a binding booking. We will send you an invoice with a deposit payment of NOK 10 000 as soon we have received your signed booking form. The remaining payment will have due date 30 days before the tour. All payments is refundable in case we cancel due to COVID-19.

Please send your tour reservation from the Booking page and we will send you the booking form on email.

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