Svein Wik

Norwegian Photographer Svein Wik is the founder and owner of the travel company Arctic Wildlife Tours AS. During the last decade he has organized different photographic expeditions into the high Arctic and in the Nordic countries.

The story started 20 years ago, when Svein was burned out when working as a computer engineer. He changed his course in life. Today he spend more time with wild animals than most people ever do.

Svein Wik is a experienced wildlife photographer living in Norway. He has done hiking and outdoor life in the Nordic countries since he learned how to walk 52 years ago. Svein has published three books and tenfolds of freelance articles about wildlife and nature throughout the years.

Phone: (+47) 958 97 730
E-mail: [email protected]

Photo Guide and partner

Tom Roger Østerås

Tom Roger is one of the best birders in Norway. He work as a freelance biologist and ornitolog and do work for different scientistic organizations and nature management projects. Locally he is known for his ability to take care of injured raptors and owls and bring them back into the wild. He is also a teacher in a university class for bird knowledge. Tom Roger is responsible for Goshawk and Golden Eagle hides. He will constantly work to find other possible and interesting birding sites for photography.

Phone: (+47) 415 58 612
E-mail: [email protected]


Jens Wikström

Jens is born in 1990 in Göteborg, Sweden. He was educated in Sweden, at Skärehamn “seaman” university. Since an early age he have been travelling the world and have, despite my young age, been fortunate to visit plenty of exciting places around the globe.

Jens have worked in the Polar Regions since 2011 first as AB/Guide and then as a full time guide since 2014. Passion about wildlife photography and travel have also been a birdwatcher since childhood. He have worked all over the Arctic not only Svalbard but also Greenland and The Canadian Arctic as well as 2 season in the Antarctic.



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