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Webinar: Photography Expedition to Svalbard

Arctic Wildlife Tours organizes expeditions to Svalbard. Experience rare arctic wildlife, like polar bears, arctic foxes, and walruses in their natural habitat. Our experienced guides bring you closer to the arctic wildlife than you ever could imagine.
In the webinar, you will see and hear about how an expedition will look like and what you can expect to experience. We talk about photography and lighting conditions and how we use zodiacs to get closer to land. You will hear about daily life on the boat and what clothing you should pack.
This webinar is meant to give you a good impression if you consider joining a trip to the arctic.


Sign up for our webinar on 10 December 2020
19:00 CET (Oslo/Paris), 13:00  EST (New York) 10:00  PST (Seattle), 18:00 UTC (London)

Host: Svein Wik

Wildlife lover

Passionate about Arctic


About the host

Svein Wik

Norwegian Photographer Svein Wik has organised expeditions to Svalbard for five years. In 2019 his company Arctic Wildlife Tour AS has made ten expeditions to the unique Arctic archipelago. In addition to leading tour groups, he also makes his own private trips to work on his own photography projects.

Portrett Svein Wik.

Svein started wildlife photography 25 years ago and has spent more time with wildlife in the north than most people could ever dream of.

Together with his photography knowledge, we also want you to join this adventure.