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Arctic Wildlife Tours specialize in High Arctic travels. From before we are experienced in High Arctic of Svalbard. Now we add Greenland and Arctic Canada to our other travels. Encountering wildlife for photography will be our main focus. We will also do landscapes in the part of the seasons with the greatest light.

High Arctic Canada surroundings is totally different from the surroundings on Svalbard. In Churchill we have trees and small forests nearby the ocean. The polar bears await the oceans to freeze up there and as soon it does, they disappear out on the ice for hunting their main pray - seals. To encounter polar bears there autumn is the best time to do it. From September to the end of November is the window for seeing them here we have. Late November gives us snow and snowdrifts, and we in Arctic Wildlife Tours choose to go for that to begin with.

Nature in the High Arctic constantly changes. East Greenland is another place we want to visit. That's where huge icebergs are born, every day is different, and every season is different. Arctic Wildlife Tours bring their own guides on these Greenland photo cruise adventures and photography expeditions to the biggest fjord system in the world, Scoresby sund, in East Greenland. East Greenland is famous for massive icebergs and grand landscapes, but does not have the density of wildlife as we normally see on Svalbard. Musk-oxen is one of the most interesting species there.

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