Svalbard Snowmobile Expedition 2018

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Svalbard winter expedition logistics

Driving by snowmobile in the Svalbard wilderness is and adventure. Its also a challenging task because of changing weather, cold and Polar Bear danger. Camping out in tents can be comfortable if you know how to do it and have the proper equipment. We use double tents and have a heating system inside. It takes some time to put up a camp but when its arranged we have a good place to eat and sleep. Whoever we sleep in the camp we always have to share the Polar Bear watches. All participants need to do their watch during the time we sleep. Every person do one hour watches outside the tent.

If we use the cabin for accommodation its easier and more comfortable. This is sometimes a good alternative but everything depends on the winter and the ice conditions where we stay. We want to look for wildlife and go where we have the best chances for finding it.

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