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Professional Arctic photography expeditions and tours

Arctic Wildlife Tours specializes in photography expeditions and in high quality photo hides and tours to Svalbard and in the Nordic countries. Even if nature and wildlife photography have high focus during expeditions we do our philosophy is to welcome non-photographers into our world to let them se what we se. Our guests have a high interest and knowledge about nature and photography, often they are keen nature photographers.

Arctic Wildlife Tours was founded by wildlife photographer Svein Wik and together with him and our team of guides in Svalbard and Nordic countries we make your opportunities for good photography and wildlife encounters the best you could imagine. Our goal is to fulfill your dreams for stunning images or great wildlife encounters from our Arctic expeditions in the way we know it. We know where to go, and when to go, and to find the best light and the best environments for wildlife situations.

Arctic photography expeditions and travels

Svalbard expeditions

We bring you close to the Arctic Svalbard wildlife. Close enough for fantastic wildlife photos and unforgettable moments. Polar Bears, Seals, Walruses, Arctic Foxes and a diversity of birdlife. Take a look at our program.

Photography hides

Norway photo hides

We bring you out into the Norway wilderness. There you can meet with Golden Eagles, Siberian Jays and Goshwaks. Accommodation close to the hides and Trondheim airport. Our photo hides is spacious and heated.

Killer whales and humpback whales

Whale photography expeditions

Join Arctic Wildlife Tours Whale photography expeditions and adventures outside Tromsø in Norway. We charter the ship MS Strønstad, a small ship well suited for this task. We search for Humpback Whales, Killer Whales and northern light during 6 days at sea.

Upcoming tours

Svalbard August expedition 2017

Svalbard photo tour in August is the best time to choose for this activity. Within short notice we have chartered the ship MS Freya, a new spacious and strong ship,…

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Svalbard spring Expedition 2018

Arctic Wildlife Tours arranges a Svalbard photo expedition in late winter. As we always do we will search for wildlife as Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, Reindeers and maybe som early…

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Whale Photo Expedition 2018

Travel with us from Tromsø to see and photograph Humpback Whales and Killer Whales onboard the ship MS Strønstad. In the evenings and night we work with northern lights if…

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One of our ships - Arctica II

The 62 feet long sail yacht Arctica II is built out of steel and certified for use in Arctic areas. We have used this yacht for several photo and wildlife expeditions around Svalbard. The yacht is owned by one of the most experienced skippers around Svalbard. This is a fantastic solution.